We hope you find the following resources useful. In addition, a new clinical Guideline is being developed for the diagnosis and management of Paget’s Disease of Bone in adults -  follow this link for detailsFurther resources are available in our Member's Area. 

Professor Mike Stone examines treatment (a clip from an educational DVD produced by the Paget's Association)

Potential Complications of Paget's

Fracture: A predisposition to fracture in affected bones, particularly the long bones.
Enlarged, misshapen bone. For example: long bones can become bowed. "Bone Deformity in Paget’s Disease" an article by Dr David Hosking, written for patients who are members of the Paget's Association, can be found in our Member's Area.
Ostosarcoma. An unusual and very rare complication, occurring in less than 1% of people with the disease.

Examples of complications arising from specific bone involvement:
Skull. Hearing loss, tinnitus and a change in shape and/or size of the skull (i.e. enlarged head, wide forehead).
Spine. Enlarged and deformed vertebrae can cause curvature, pain, and stenosis.

Is Paget's Associated with other conditions?

Osteoarthritis: Paget’s disease is associated with an increased risk of developing osteoarthritis. Deformity or enlargement of a bone can place increased stress on adjacent joints. An article written for patients who are members of The Paget's Association, by Dr Stephen Tuck, "Paget's and Osteoarthritis" can be found in our Member's Area

Heart disease: Paget’s disease does not directly affect the heart but if it is wide spread the heart may have to work harder to pump extra blood to involved bones. Whilst this is rarely a problem, it could place an extra burden on the heart, particularly if there is pre-existing heart disease.

Osteoporosis: Those with Paget’s disease occasionally develop osteoporosis but this is likely to be a coincidence, as both are common in older people. Bisphosphonates are used to treat both however, they are given in different doses, over different periods of time.

Considerations in Diagnosis & Management
Three Case Histories

Dr Clive Kelly is a Consultant Rheumatologist in Gateshead. Speaking at our Paget's Information Day in Middlesbrough, in 2014, Dr Kelly discussed three case histories of patients with Paget’s disease. None were straight forward and so they show the difficulties that can be encountered when diagnosing and treating Paget’s disease. Dr Kelly has kindly provided summaries of the individual cases:

Experienced clinicians often look upon Paget’s disease as an easy diagnosis to make and a condition that is readily treated. Although treatment of the condition can be much easier these days, there are however, still some pitfalls in both the diagnosis and management of the condition. These are illustrated by the three patient summaries which highlight some of these issues. These case histories are found under Treatment: read more.

Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism Case Reports website: