Paget's Association Student Research Bursaries

Lab The Paget’s Association of the United Kingdom is pleased to offer Student Research Bursaries of £6000 to encourage promising UK medical or science students to pursue research into any aspect of Paget’s Disease of Bone.
The Association will provide a stipend to the recipients of the award to allow the students to study towards an MRes, MSc, BSc or equivalent higher degree. The recipients will be invited to attend the Association’s Annual General Meeting in the autumn, to receive the award.

1. A summary of the research project, jointly prepared by mentor and student including the student’s role in the research project (1000 words maximum).
2. A mentor statement which includes the mentor’s role in the research project including his/her plans for research training.
3. The student’s CV (mailing address and contact details must be included).

Applications should be sent by email to [email protected]

CLOSING DATE: Friday 2nd November 2018

You can download the above information here: Paget's Association Student Research Bursary Application details 2018

Previous Student Research Awards

The Sir Julian Paget's Student Research Bursary 2017

Recipient: Jasmine Sanghera, Norwich Medical School, University of East Anglia.

Research: Exome sequencing and microRNA analysis in Paget’s associated osteosarcoma.

The Michael Davie Student Research Bursary 2017

Recipient: Jack Beard, University of Oxford. 

Research: Targeting Autophagy in Paget’s Disease.


The Allan Reid Student Research Bursary 2016

Recipient: Darrell Green, University of East Anglia.

Research: Paget’s-associated osteosarcoma. Details of research paper available here.

The Anne Stansfield Student Research Bursary 2016 

Recipient: Juan A. Núñez, University of Southampton.

Research: Modulating the blood supply to improve bone strength in Paget’s Disease.

The Michael Davie Student Research Bursary 2016 

Recipient: Ana Navarro Martínez, University of Nottingham.

Research: Molecular mechanisms of Paget’s disease.


The Doreen Beck Student Research Bursary 2015

Recipient: Carla Burrell, Liverpool John Moores University Carla’s

Research: Investigating Paget’s Disease of Bone within the medieval skeletal collection from Norton Priory Museum