Student Research Bursary and our new Summer Vacation Research Scholarship.


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Previous Student Research Awards

The Sir Julian Paget's Student Research Bursary 2017

Recipient: Jasmine Sanghera, Norwich Medical School, University of East Anglia.

Research: Exome sequencing and microRNA analysis in Paget’s associated osteosarcoma.

The Michael Davie Student Research Bursary 2017

Recipient: Jack Beard, University of Oxford.

Research: Targeting Autophagy in Paget’s Disease.


The Allan Reid Student Research Bursary 2016

Recipient: Darrell Green, University of East Anglia.

Research: Paget’s-associated osteosarcoma. Details of research paper available here.

The Anne Stansfield Student Research Bursary 2016

Recipient: Juan A. Núñez, University of Southampton.

Research: Modulating the blood supply to improve bone strength in Paget’s Disease.

The Michael Davie Student Research Bursary 2016

Recipient: Ana Navarro Martínez, University of Nottingham.

Research: Molecular mechanisms of Paget’s disease.


The Doreen Beck Student Research Bursary 2015

Recipient: Carla Burrell, Liverpool John Moores University Carla’s

Research: Investigating Paget’s Disease of Bone within the medieval skeletal collection from Norton Priory Museum