I was delighted to join the Paget’s Association’s Board of Trustees in 2013. I am from that most under celebrated corner of Wales, the North East. I went to the local grammar school in Wrexham and then took a History degree at University College in Swansea, graduating in 1979. I had something of a thing about America in those days and, rather than looking for a job in the UK, I got myself a working visa for the USA and looked into postgraduate courses whilst travelling across the continent.

For some years now, I have worked on a freelance basis as a management consultant, specialising in helping companies improve their Sales and Marketing capabilities. I do this across a range of industries including Animal Healthcare, Consumer Goods and different business to business sectors from Media to Professional Services. I tend to work to the maxim that functional competence is highly transferable across different industries, although one also has to acquire industry knowledge and understanding to ensure any support can be effective.

So it was on a bright summer’s day in Cardiff in 2012 that I received my Paget’s orientation as I attended the Patient’s Day with my mother who has Paget’s. I was very impressed by the drive and commitment of all the people I met that day and I subsequently gave some input on the Strategic Plan for the Charity. This fired my interest and I became a Trustee. Needless to say I may also already have or may acquire the disease given the probable hereditary nature of the condition!