Trustee and Vice-chair, Stephen Tuck was born just outside Hull and attended the Leeds medical school where in 1990 he obtained a degree in Biochemistry in Relation to Medicine and qualified from medical school in 1993. Stephen tells us a little about himself here:

“Whilst at medical school I met my future wife Julie; which I still contend was the best thing to happen to me during my undergraduate career. I then spent quite a few years as a junior doctor in the North of England and undertook my specialist registrar training in the Northern Deanery where I met Professor Roger Francis and undertook research into male osteoporosis. I became a consultant Rheumatologist in 2004, but my interest in osteoporosis dates back to 1998 when I first began research in the field. I was eventually awarded my MD in 2007 for my work on the pathogenesis of osteoporosis and low trauma fractures in men. I have published widely in the field of metabolic bone disorders and continue to be actively engaged in research. Much of my work earlier work was done in collaboration with Newcastle including Professor Roger Francis and Dr. H.K. Datta with whom I continue to enjoy a productive research relationship. More recently, I have begun a further study on the pathogenesis of low trauma forearm fractures in men, which will answer some of the questions form my earlier work. I am also working with Professor Van Laar to examine the effects of B-cell depletion on bone cells and I shall shortly be undertaking a new study on the pathogenesis low trauma hip fractures in men. This latter study will hope to develop better predictive models of hip fractures by using gene and protein expression from bone biopsies, as well biomechanical data with the help of Dr. Jun Jei Wu Associate Professor in Biomechanical Engineering in Durham.
In terms of Paget’s Disease of Bone, I routinely diagnose, investigate and treat people with this condition. It has been my pleasure and honour to serve as a Trustee of the Paget’s Association since 2011 and as vice chairman since 2013. Outside work, my hobbies include model railways, cooking, gardening and TVR sports cars”.