Diana Wilkinson is our Specialist Paget’s Nurse. Offering support and advice on all aspects of Paget’s disease of Bone, Diana is an experienced Registered Nurse and has worked with a wide range of patients. Joining the Paget’s Association in 2012, Diana became part of a small national team working together to help and support those affected by the condition. Diana provides evidenced-based information on all aspects of Paget’s disease for people with the condition, health professionals, family and carers. She manages our Paget’s Nurse Helpline and Support Network. She also facilitates the Manchester Support Group and produces our evidence-based information booklets and the Association's magazine. In addition, speaking at our Paget’s Information Days around the UK, Diana ensures relevant topics and expert speakers are always on the agenda. If you want to learn more about Paget's disease from experts in the field, our Information Days are for you!