This is a recording of the live broadcast (webinar) on the First International Paget's Awareness Day 2019.

The Paget’s Association declared the 11th January to be International Paget’s Awareness Day. The 11th January 2019 saw the first ever Paget’s Day to raise the profile of Paget’s disease, both throughout the UK and internationally. 

A message from Brandon Lewis MP - Brandon Lewis, the Member of Parliament for Great Yarmouth and Chairman of the Conservative Party, also gave his support for the day in the video below. 

Brandon Lewis MP also sent the following message:  “I am delighted to support the first ever International Paget’s Awareness Day. The 11th January 2019 marks the 205th anniversary of the birth of James Paget, who was of course born and raised in Great Yarmouth, where our local hospital is named after him. Great Yarmouth is rightly proud of this famous son. Sir James Paget was one of the most respected surgeons of his time, regarded as the ‘Father of British Pathology’ and he treated significant figures including Queen Victoria and the Prince of Wales. The Paget’s Association does a fantastic job providing information about treatment and diagnosis, giving help and advice, providing newsletters and support for those with Paget's Disease of Bone. It is vital that we raise awareness of this disease, which affects the bones normal metabolism and can cause severe pain, fractures and disability.  I’d like to thank everyone for taking part in the Paget’s Awareness Day, for all that you do to ensure correct diagnosis and treatment for this disease and to wish you all the best for a successful day.”