Virgin London Marathon 26th April 2020

General Information
The London Marathon is one of the biggest running events in the world. It has been held each spring since 1981. The race is currently sponsored by Virgin Money, as the Virgin London Marathon. It is set over a largely flat course around the River Thames, beginning at three separate points around Blackheath finishing in the Mall alongside St. James’s Park.
In addition to being one of the top five international marathons run over the traditional distance of 26 miles and 385 yards, (42.195km) the London Marathon is also a large celebratory sporting festival with around 30,000 amateur, club and fun runners taking part in the event. Many of these participants run to raise money for their favoured charities. Since 1981 the event has raised over £450 million for charity.

How to enter 
There are two ways of entering the Virgin London Marathon:
1. Through the organisers, Virgin London Marathon, for a ballot place (own place).
2. Through the Charity of your choice, The Paget’s Association, for a guaranteed place (Golden Bond Place).
All the information you need to apply for a Paget’s Golden place to run in the London Marathon 2020 is listed below. Should you require further information, however, please contact us.
• The Paget’s Association has a limited number of Golden Bond places and usually has more applications than places available.
• Please use the attached application form to apply for a Golden Bond place, giving as much information as possible.
• Selection will be based on the information given on your application form.
• The selection for places will be made after the closing date in October 2019. Applicants will be notified of the outcome as soon as possible after this time.
• Successful applicants will be required to pay a £50 registration fee to secure their place (only payable once a Golden Bond place has been allocated).

It is recommended that all potential runners apply to both, Virgin London Marathon for a ballot place, as well as to The Paget’s Association for a Golden Bond place. Runners successful through the ballot should notify the Paget’s office as soon as possible. Applicants can still be part of the Paget’s team, but it enables the Paget’s Association to offer a Golden Bond place to another runner.

How to Apply

• Application for a ballot place is made through the organisers of the Virgin London Marathon.
• The online ballot entry system usually opens 12 months before the event i.e. April 2019 and will close once 125,000 people have applied. It is suggested that you view the London Marathon website regularly for up to date information.
• ALL entries are made online.
• The online ballot can be found at
• All online entries will be entered into a ballot and runners will be notified of the outcome by October.
• There is no minimum sponsorship level for runners who are successful through the ballot.

• Application for a Golden Bond place is made through the Paget’s Association
• All successful applicants will be required to pledge that they will raise a minimum of £1,000 in sponsorship.
• Golden Bond runners are expected to submit their fundraising target by 30th June 2020.
• The Paget’s Association does not include Gift Aid in your sponsorship total. We do, however, ask you to encourage your supporters to tick the Gift Aid box on the sponsor form as this allows the Paget’s Association to claim an extra 25%.
• Before signing the application form, please read our terms and conditions carefully.
• Please give as much information as possible on your application form. You can attach additional sheets if required.
• The closing date for applications is October 2019.
• All applicants will be notified as soon as possible after this date as to whether or not they have been successful in gaining a Golden Bond place.

You can download the Virgin London Marathon application form and supporting information below:

  1. General Information
  2. How to Apply
  3. Application Form - 2020
Brendan Ran for his Grandad

Brendan ran the London Marathon in memory of his grandad, Frank, who had Paget's disease, as did his great grandad. Brendan watched his grandad deteriorate from an active person, who went ballroom dancing 5 times a week, to someone who relied on an electric scooter to get around. Brendan explains:

"Prior to his death, my Grandad was an avid supporter of the Paget’s Association and I know he appreciated the support they offered. He took part in various Paget’s treatment research projects, and raised hundreds of pounds for the Charity, through raffles and cake sales (expertly crafted by my grandma) at local dances. The fundraising even continued after his death, as we donated £300 to the Paget’s Association, collected in donations at his funeral.

As a teenager, I was a competitive runner, competing at county level up to the age of 15. At this point, I drifted into other sports and haven’t really done any training for around 20 years. I’ve always wanted to run the London Marathon but have managed to come up with various excuses over the years as to why I didn’t. The need to dedicate time to training for one, be that work commitments, children or home improvements. I’m at the point now that I don’t really have any excuses left and as my Grandad suffered from hereditary Paget’s disease, there is a chance it could affect me too. I decided that if I didn’t take the plunge now, it would only get harder and harder each year that I left it.

I'm pleased to say that I completed the marathon in 4 hours 46 minutes. It was slower than I wanted but I couldn't train for final 3 weeks due to a foot injury, so I'm just glad I managed to make it round. I've had some great support and raised £1,122 for the Paget's Association. Unfortunately, we spent the Friday evening before the big day, in the Accident and Emergency department with my son (he's called Frank, after my Grandad) after a fall at school, hence the stitches on his nose. It wasn't the best preparation for Sunday!"

The Paget's Association would like to thank Brendan and all our runners for their fantastic efforts. 

If you are interested in running for us, please get in touch.