Sad news of an Amazing Lady - Doreen Beck MBE

Doreen Beck MBE

It is with sadness that we announce that Mrs Doreen Beck MBE passed away on the 10th January. Having developed Paget’s Disease of Bone, Mrs Doreen Beck MBE, from Banbridge in Northern Ireland, became a prolific fundraiser for the Paget’s Association. In total, she and her helpers, raised over £230,000. This is an amazing achievement for which she was awarded an MBE in 1996. She was an incredible lady who will be sadly missed.
When Doreen first found out that she had Paget’s disease, she struggled for some time to find help for her condition and her pain. Until that is, she came across the Paget’s Association. With advice and encouragement from the Charity, she finally found doctors who understood the condition and could give her the treatment she so badly needed.

Paget’s disease forced Doreen to retire early from nursing and so in 1988, Doreen’s fundraising began. She organised a street collection on behalf of the Association, and before she knew it, she was doing several collections a week, sometimes supported by other enthusiastic and dedicated helpers.

The funds raised have been used for many projects over the years. You may recall that in 2015, in recognition of her tremendous support, the Paget’s Association created the Doreen Beck Student Research Bursary to encourage research into this painful bone condition. Carla Burrell from Liverpool John Moores University was awarded the Bursary and is investigating Paget's Disease of Bone within the medieval skeletal collection from Norton Priory Museum & Gardens. In this way, Doreen’s good work will continue. Paying tribute to Doreen Carla said, “Doreen’s tireless fundraising has benefited Paget’s research immensely and I am so very proud to have been the recipient of the Doreen Beck Student Research Bursary, which allowed us to investigate Paget’s disease in past populations. AS we are discovering more about the history of this disease, we are opening doors to future investigations. We have developed a stronger research framework and have been able to share our work not only with fellow researchers but also with the public, leading to a greater awareness of this disease. Doreen, you will always be remembered for your generous support of Paget’s research. Thank you and your helpers for all you have done.”