A Paget’s Association Centre of Excellence Inaugural Meeting and Information Day for Patients was held in November 2016, to recognise the Metabolic Unit at the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital, Stanmore as a centre for excellent care and research into Paget's Disease.

A warm welcome and introduction was given by Mr Rob Hurd, Chief Executive of the Trust. This was followed by a very interesting discussion regarding what goes wrong with the bone in Paget’s disease by Dr Fernanda Amary, a Consultant Histopathologist. Dr Amary's slides will be available soon in the member area of our website.

Mr Skinner, an Orthopaedic Surgeon, helped the audience understand the a role of surgery in Paget’s Disease and Diana Wilkinson, the Specialist Nurse at the Paget’s Association detailed all the support services provided by the Charity. What does the imaging mean? - this was the title of a presentation by a Consultant Radiologist.  Following on Dr Richard Keen, a Consultant in Metabolic Bone Disease, and director of the Paget's Centre, expertly discussed treatment. The presentation of the Paget's Association Centre of Excellence Award was made by Professor Roger Francis, Chairman of the Paget’s Association. He expressed his joy at seeing such a fantastic turn out for the event, congratulated the centre on all their hard work and looked forward to seeing future research develop.

The Metabolic Bone Unit within the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital, Stanmore has, since 1975, provided a clinical service to patients from the North Central London NHS Sector and also offers a specialist referral service for patients nationally. Lord Trevor Stamp, Patron of the Paget’s Association, was director of the unit until his retirement in 1999. Patients are seen both at the main hospital base in Stanmore and at the central London department in Bolsover Street.

Professor Francis (left), Mr Rob Hurd, Chief Executive (centre) and Dr Richard Keen (right)

Prof Francis-ceo-Dr-keen-s
Professor Francis (left)  presents the award to Dr Richard Keen (right)


Photos: a member (left) enjoys the afternoon. Diana Wilkinson (right)