Norwich - a Centre of Excellence for Treatment and Research into Paget’s Disease

The Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, together with the University of East Anglia, have been recognised for their expertise in patient care and their state of the art research into Paget’s Disease of Bone. Professor Roger Francis, Chairman of the Association presented Professor Bill Fraser, Director of the Norwich Paget’s Centre, and co-directors, Professor Jeremy Turner and Dr Tarnya Marshall, with a plaque, at a ceremony in the Centrum Building on the Norwich Research Park.

An excellent Paget's information event was held the following day. All the speakers were very well received and included, our Honorary President, Prof. Graham Russell as well as surgeons Mr Keith Tucker and Mr Hugh Sturzaker MBE who spoke about Sir James Paget. Member Mr Keith Simpson spoke of his personal experience of the condition. Our Specialist Nurse, Diana Wilkinson, explained how patients can be affected and how our support services help people cope. Three research students were each awarded with a £6000 bursary, to pursue research into Paget’s disease and our AGM was also held.

Sheila Nursey, from Norwich, suffered much pain and disability before learning that she had Paget’s Disease of Bone. She knew nothing about it and neither did many of the health professionals involved in her care at the time. Paget’s Disease is characterised by excessive breakdown and formation of bone, resulting in weakened bones that can lead to pain, severe deformity, deafness, fractures, and in rare cases bone cancer.

Sheila explains her situation, “I fell several times whilst waiting for a hip replacement. One fall resulted in my having a scan. It showed Paget’s Disease. I’d never heard of it and no one seemed to want to explain - but perhaps it was because they couldn’t! Months later I discovered the Paget’s Association, a charity supporting patients with the condition. Through them I found Professor Bill Fraser whom I consulted at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital (NNUH). As soon as I saw him sitting at his desk, I knew here was somebody who would understand my pain and help me. Following assessment, he prescribed treatment and I was so much better - like a 25 year old instead of my 90 years. I will be eternally grateful to the Paget’s Association and to the Professor for his care and expertise.”

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