Important Changes to Stamp Recycling
Please note that with immediate effect, we will no longer be collecting and recycling your used, loose stamps to raise funds for the Paget’s Association. We are, however, still able to recycle albums/collections of stamps.
For the last three years, many of you have sent in your used stamps for recycling. In addition, we have also received a small number of stamp collections, and together a total of £2,815 has been raised for the Association. We are extremely grateful to all of you who have sent in your used stamps to help boost the Association’s funds in this venture. A special thank you also goes to member, Eva Jackson and her friend, for the work they have undertaken in trimming and sorting stamps ready for sale to our distributor at ‘Fundraising Stamps’.
Following a directive from the Charity Commission, the Trustees have made the decision to discontinue recycling used stamps. It has been brought to the attention of charities that recycled stamps are sometimes getting into the wrong hands and are being prepared, and fraudulently resold as if they were valid postage. Apparently, the money being made by criminal gangs from this type of fraud is significant, and can be used to fund further and wider scale criminal activity. The company we sold our stamps to has recently ceased trading, and whilst we have no reason to believe that it was involved in any way, in this kind of activity, the Trustees will not be seeking an alternative purchaser, as it does not want the Paget’s Association unintentionally involved in a form of fraud that could potentially fund further criminal activity.
Please note that whilst we will not be recycling used, loose, everyday stamps to raise funds for the Association, we are happy to continue to receive stamp albums/collections, which will be appropriately valued, with every care taken to ensure they are sold only to genuine collectors. Please send these to the usual address on page 3. All stamps received in the office following the Christmas period have been sent to Recycling for Good Causes. If you have any questions regarding this matter, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Recycling Jewellery, Watches and Inkjet Cartridges
We can recycle your unwanted or broken jewellery and watches, and also inkjet cartridges that have a circuit board and jet plate on the bottom. Prepaid recycling envelopes are available, from our office. Please telephone 0161 799 4646 or email [email protected]