NEW - The Paget's Patient Passport and More

Our Specialist Nurse, has been working with the team at the Southampton Paget’s Association’s Centre of Excellence to produce the 20 page Paget’s Passport. The document is free to members of the Paget's Association. Become a member to get yours.
The Paget's Passport is your record of your health in relation to Paget’s disease. This one document provides useful information for you and for all those involved in your care. This includes a brief description of what Paget’s disease is, details of which bone/s are affected, the investigations which led to the diagnosis and details of any treatment given.
There will also be key dates which can assist your care team to locate the relevant details in your NHS file promptly.
The Passport is useful for any appointments with health professionals, including dentists and pharmacists, and allied health care professionals such as audiologists, radiographers, occupational therapists, dietitians and physiotherapists. This will help raise awareness of Paget’s disease and aid communication across many departments and specialities. It is also a useful document to take on holiday with you.
Who Should Complete it?
Ideally, your hospital consultant, your GP or specialist Nurse should complete the information. Once the initial information has been recorded in the Passport, it can be updated
at subsequent appointments. Whilst the Paget’s Passport does not replace your NHS records, if completed correctly, it provides a useful summary to compliment them and assist those involved in your care. To get your Passport - join the Paget's Association here.

And there's more... Watch the video to discover what our Specialist Nurse, Diana Wilkinson, had to say, at an Information Day, regarding new initiatives to help support patients. 

The Paget's Association will be using the 1st ever Paget's Awareness Day on the 11th January 2019, to promote the Passport and other initiatives. You can find details about the day here.