Health Professionals

We are happy to provide our booklet and leaflets free of charge for your patients. To order, use the contact form or call us on 0161 799 4646.

We encourage health professionals to join the Paget's Association. You will be able to access the member area of the website where you will find a section dedicated to health professionals, as well as our information booklets and newsletters. We will send you our quarterly Paget's Newsletter by post. Full details below.

Become a Member to receive a Paget’s Information Pack and our quarterly Newsletter

Become a member to receive a Paget’s Information Pack containing:
• 3 Booklets: Paget’s Disease – The Facts, Investigations Explained and Paget’s Disease and Pain.
• Our last 2 newsletters containing information, news and discussion relevant to those who have Paget’s or have an interest in Paget’s disease.
• Information sheets on various aspects of Paget’s disease.
As a member of the Paget's Association, you will
- receive the quarterly Paget’s Newsletter by post
- be notified when grants and bursaries are available
- benefit from free attendance at our Paget’s Information events
- have access to the members’ area of the Paget’s Association's website
- have the right to vote at our Annual General Meeting
- be informed of opportunities to take part in member consultations i.e. regarding research

The cost for membership is as follows:

UK membership - £15 per annum 

Lifetime UK membership – one-off fee of £150.

Overseas membership – receiving Newsletters and information by post to an address outside the UK is £20 per annum.

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