A basic information sheet can be downloaded here: Paget's Essential Facts 2019 web

Paget's Disease - The Facts: Free booklet

If you have been newly diagnosed with Paget’s disease of bone you will probably have many questions. This booklet has been produced by the Paget’s Association with the aim of providing evidence based information on Paget’s disease. More detailed than the Simple Facts information sheet, you will find in this booklet, information regarding various aspects of the condition. This includes how it affects bone, diagnosis, treatment, complications, surgery and conditions associated with Paget's disease, as well as details of other organisations which you may find useful. Download now from the Member's Area.

Paget's Disease & Pain: Free Booklet

pain bookletThe Paget’s Association has produced this booklet for anyone with Paget’s disease who has pain. It will help you understand your pain and how it might be dealt with. Download from the Member's Area.

Paget's Disease - Investigations Explained: Free Booklet

Investigations booklet this

Paget’s Disease - Scans, X-Rays and Tests Explained. The Paget’s Association has produced this booklet for anyone who may have Paget’s disease. It provides information regarding investigations which may be carried out. Download from the Member's Area.

You can download all our booklets in the member's area of this website. Paper copies are available from the Paget's Association's Office - Contact us.

If you are a HEALTH PROFESSIONAL and would like booklets for your patients please contact us and we will be happy to supply them without cost. 

Information sheets about many aspects of Paget's disease are also available in our Member's Area.

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