Possible complications of Paget's Disease:
  • Fracture: A predisposition to fracture in affected bones, particularly the long bones of the arm and leg. 
    Enlarged, misshapen bone. For example: if a long bone, such as in the lower leg is affected, it can become bowed (see photo below).
  •  "Bone Deformity in Paget’s Disease"  an article by Dr D. Hosking can be found in our Member's Area. The photos below shoe examples of deformity in the arm and the lower leg due to Paget's disease.

Bowed legDeformity of the arm

Examples of complications arising from the involvement of specific bones:
  • Skull. Paget's in the skull can cause headaches, hearing loss, ringing in the ears and a change in shape and / or size of the skull (i.e. enlarged head, wide forehead).
  • Spine. Paget's in the spine can lead the affected vertebrae to become enlarged and deformed which can cause curvature of the spine, pain, and pressure on nerve roots with tingling, weakness and numbness in the legs. 
  • Femur. Paget's in the femur (thigh) can cause local pain at the site of the Paget's disease or related to osteoarthritis of the hip joint. Fissure (partial) fractures in the bone may lead to a complete fracture.
  • Pelvis. Paget's in the pelvis may be painful and accelerate osteoarthritis in the hip joint.
  • Shin. When the lower leg is affected the bone may feel warm, be painful and it may bow. Osteoarthritis may develop in the knee joint and fissure fractures may occur possibly leading to complete fracture.
Paget's Disease and Osteoarthritis

Paget’s disease is associated with an increased risk of developing osteoarthritis. Deformity or enlargement of a bone can place increased stress on an adjacent joint which can lead to excess wear and tear. You can read an article by Dr S. Tuck,"Paget's and Osteoarthritis"  in our Member's Area.

Paget’s Disease of Bone-associated Osteosarcoma

This is a very rare complication of Paget’s disease. Please login to the member area to read an article by experts in Norwich and read about Allan Reid who developed this rare condition. You can also contact our nurse helpline: [email protected] 0161 7994646 or 07713568197. The Bone Cancer Research trust also has information on their website.