Paget's Support Network

Where ever you live, all members of the Paget's Association can join our Paget's Support Network - log-in to the member area for details.

Local Support for Members

Members of the PagMembers talkinget's Association can access local contacts and groups (where available). Currently, there is just one Support Group who meet regularly in the North Manchester area and this is run by our Specialist Paget’s Nurse, Diana Wilkinson. We have members in other areas who have kindly volunteered to be a contact for support in their local area and group meetings can be arranged, if there is sufficient interest. In addition to the North Manchester Support Group, we have members who have volunteered to be a local contact for support in the following areas: Cambridgeshire, Cumbria, Manchester, Cornwall, and Northern Ireland. Please get in touch with the Paget’s Association’s office on 0161 7994646 for their contact details or use our contact form.

Details of support group meetings are available in the member's area of this website under Local Support. If you are not a member of the Paget's Association, you can join free online.


Paget's Information Events

All our Paget's information events are advertised in our newsletter and in the news and events section of this website.