Paget's Support Network

Wherever you live, all members of the Paget's Association can join our Paget’s Support Network. This is a free network to enable members to talk to others who either have Paget’s disease or who care for someone who has the condition. Communication can be by telephone, letter or email. It is a free, mutually supportive network and is open to any Paget’s Association member wherever you live in the UK or abroad.
To join the Support Network and speak to others who understand the impact that Paget’s disease can have on your life, please complete the Paget's Support Network form or call the office: 0161 799 4646. On receipt of the form, we will send you a list of contacts. Please note that to save postage costs, if we hold an email address for you, we will send the list via email. If you prefer, however, to have this sent in the post please let us know. Download: Paget's Support Network form

Local Support 

       Members talkingCurrently, there is just one Support Group who meet regularly in the North Manchester area and this is run by our Specialist Paget’s Nurse, Diana Wilkinson. Details of support group meetings are available in the member's area of this website under Local Support. If you are not a member of the Paget's Association, you can join online.

If you are interested in forming a local support group in your area, please get in touch using our contact form.

Paget's Information Events

All our Paget's information events are advertised in our newsletter and in the news and events section of this website.