The 1st International Paget's Awareness Day

To watch a recording of our ONLINE PAGET'S INFORMATION MEETING (webinar), please follow this link for details.

Making an Impact

The Paget's Association declared the 11th January to be International Paget’s Awareness Day to raise awareness of Paget’s disease, both throughout the UK and internationally. We would like to thank everyone who got involved. Scroll down for details of events that took place on the day and photos.

Great Yarmouth

The main event was a live broadcast (webinar) held at the James Paget University Hospital in Great Yarmouth on the 11th January 2019. YOU CAN WATCH A RECORDING OF THE WEBINAR by following this link.

Support from Brandon Lewis MP

New Guideline

The webinar was a fantastic opportunity to showcase the new clinical Guideline for the ‘Diagnosis and Management of Paget’s Disease of Bone in Adults’. - follow this link for details.

A 205th Birthday Celebration

A retired surgeon from the James Paget NHS Foundation Trust, Mr Hugh Sturzaker MBE, spoke eloquently about the life of Sir James Paget, who was born 205 years ago, on the 11th January 1814, in a house in South Quay, Great Yarmouth. Today, a blue plaque marks his birthplace. Sir James Paget was the first to describe several conditions, including Paget’s Disease of Bone. He was surgeon to Queen Victoria, and indeed, one of the most respected surgeons and pathologists of his time. The Paget’s Association is proud to have Sir James Paget’s great, great grandson, Sir Henry Paget, as a Patron and was pleased that he could attend the event in Great Yarmouth.

 Keith’s Experience

The patient’s perspective was provided by Trustee, Keith Simpson, who shared his personal experience of Paget’s disease. Paget’s disease caused a traumatic fracture of his leg and whilst this was successfully repaired, he later spent many years in pain, searching for a surgeon who would replace his hip. Through the Paget’s Association Keith was able to find the help he needed and, following successful surgery, he decided to help others by becoming a Trustee of the Association. Keith said, ‘Until I found relief, Paget’s caused me tremendous pain and suffering.  It is imperative that we help those who haven’t yet found the answers and treatment that they so desperately need.I

Award Ceremony in Manchester Dr Stephen Tuck, our Vice-Chairman, attended a Paget’s Information Meeting at Manchester Royal Infirmary to present a Centre of Excellence Award to Professor Peter Selby and his team.

Information Meeting in Edinburgh Our new Chairman, Professor Stuart Ralston, held a Paget’s Information Event at the Western General Hospital in Edinburgh. Patients and staff were given the opportunity to hear presentations, by the research team, regarding some of the clinical trials and laboratory research that is taking place from the Institute of Genetics and Molecular Medicine.

Paget’s Meeting at Salford Royal Hospital An event was also held for patients and staff at Salford Royal Hospital, where Professor Terence O’Neill arranged the event to mark the first International Paget’s Awareness Day. 

Did you wear Blue and Green on Paget's Day? One way we asked for support was to ask people to wear blue and green, the colours of the Paget’s Association’s logo. Do send us your photos.


We would like everyone who got involved. 

Help make every Paget’s Awareness Day a success. Put the 11th January on your calendar and do something, however large or small it may be, to help us raise awareness of Paget’s disease on this special day!