What can you Recycle for Paget’s?

Recycling is one way in which we can help lessen our use of resources and raise funds to help support those with Paget’s disease.


The Paget’s Association is recycling postage stamps. Many of you have already sent your stamps to us – thank
you all. Maybe you have an old stamp album at the back of a cupboard you would be willing to donate?
Save your stamps. We accept the following:
■ Any stamps collected from your post
■ Everyday 1st and 2nd class
■ GB or foreign
■ Used or mint
■ Special issue commemoratives
Please also ask friends and family, schools, local companies etc., to save their stamps for Paget’s.
Leave no more than 1cm of envelope around each stamp but don’t trim too close so that the perforations are damaged. Please send them into the Paget’s Association’s office. If you have a large number, we can send you a prepaid envelope in which to post them.

See also: www.fundraisingstamps.com


Do you have any unwanted jewellery you could recycle for Paget’s? This could be gold, silver, costume jewellery, watches (working or not). Even damaged, broken and incomplete items can be recycled. Pre-paid envelopes are available from our office - please contact us

Printer Cartridges

Recycle your empty inkjet cartridges. On receipt of your cartridges Reclaim-it will make a donation to the Paget’s Association, at no cost to you. The amount of the donation will depend on the value of your donated cartridge.Inkjets fit in the palm of your hand and have a circuit board and jet plate on the bottom. It’s cartridges that have circuit boards that have a recycling value when empty.
Makes you can recycle include HP, Dell, Lexmark, Canon, Samsung, Neopost. Please don’t send Epson or Kodak cartridges as they are actually ink tanks, not inkjets and unfortunately, are not on our wanted list.
Only cartridges which have not been refilled before and carry only the original equipment manufacturers branding can be recycled. Cartridges don’t have a donation value if:
• Damaged
• They have been previously refilled
• They have been labelled for another brand like Tesco, PC World or Office Depo
• They have labels removed or extra holes. (Signs that refilling has been attempted)

Envelopes to recycle printer cartridges, jewellery and stamps are available from the office. Please call Sue on 0161 799 4646 or e-mail [email protected]