Organisational Structure

The National Association for the Relief of Paget's Disease was founded in 1973. It is an unincorporated association governed by a Constitution and registered with the Charity ommission. During 2009, the Charity adopted the working name of The Paget's Association. The Paget's Association is controlled by the Board of Trustees which sets strategies and policies. The main Board has three sub-committees, the Finance sub-committee, the Technology sub-committee and the Research sub-committee. The sub-committees enable the effective delivery of organisational objectives and give strategic advice to the Board. The sub-committees report to the main Trustee Board. The leadership and delivery of the Association's objectives are undertaken by the staff, under the guidance of the Chairman. The Charity employs two full-time members of staff and one part-time. The Paget's Association's registered office is in Swinton, Manchester.