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Sir James Paget

Sir James Paget circa 1849

Paget Original Drawings

Sir James' original drawings of the first case of Paget's disease he identified

Anne Stansfield

Anne Stansfield founder of the National Association for the Relief of Paget's Disease

Paget's - Bowed Tibia

Paget's - Bowed Tibia

Paget's - Bowed Tibia X-Ray

Paget's - Bowed Tibia X-Ray

Ralph Checkley

Ralph Checkley, husband of member, Margaret and Bernie the duck they rescued from the canal

Jean Whittaker

Jean Whittaker from South Africa still competing in dog trials despite having Paget's disease in her leg

Jean Armitage's aunts

Jean Armitage's aunts and uncle outside the house where Jean was born

Jean Armitage's aunt

Jean Armitage's aunt ended up in a wheelchair - as her right leg was so badly affected